Meet the network leaders in Lithuania

Irma Žilinskatė

Irma is an owner of the design studio “Ideas for Home” which was established in 2015 in the old town of Vilkaviškis in Lithuania. Having worked as a designer/drafter in a furniture manufacturing business for almost ten years, Irma started to feel that her current work did not satisfy her and her aspirations. Irma left her job and joined the Labour Exchange. “And this has led to the one of the most exciting periods of my life: to create a business idea. I became interested in how to develop myself, I started to attend seminars. I made myself a plan – I realized that I wanted to create interiors but I did not know where to start”, – says Irma. During one seminar, she started to develop a business plan for interior design business. First, she worked from home and after half of a year she found suitable premises for a studio.

Irma is now connected to the Network of Entrepreneurial Women in the Marijampolė region. After having joined the network, she is actively involved in activities of the network and helps other women to develop their business plans and is also looking for inspiration by herself. Female entrepreneurs, as well as those who have just begun to implement their business plans

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Gerda Žibūdaitės


Starting from the age of 12, Gerda has been horse riding for almost her whole life. Although she decided to leave her horses and escape to another city to study a Bachelor of Archivists, it was not easy to disentangle everything. In her first year one of Gerda’s horses got sick, so she had to search for ways to make money. Gerda decided to do what she was best at – to give horse riding lessons. This is how her business idea started developing. However, Gerda later discovered that her passion is to work solely with horses – training them and preparing them for the race, so that the horses can be sold on the market. This whole journey led to Gerda setting up the equestrian sports club “Tandem”, which was founded in 2014. Recently, when Gerda was facing business challenges, she was supported by the FREE project co-ordinated by Kaunas Science and Technology Park. During her career, Gerda joined the Women’s Networking Group, where she coordinates meetings with six women involved in various business activities in the Marijampolė and Prienai districts. Group members monitor their ongoing changes and share experiences. Gerda is pleased to have the opportunity to get acquainted with the different experiences of business women, who share valuable knowledge and encourage her to develop her own business.

Tandemas“; FB page:; e-mail:; Netičkampis, Lithuania.